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  • Mobile Apps
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  • Social Media
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Steps To Getting Your Article Published:

  • Between 850 to 2000 words is considered a reasonable article length.

  • Before sending anything to us, make sure everything is original, free of errors, and plagiarism-free.

  • Readers should be able to quickly and easily find answers to their problems.

  • Titles should be 50 and 60 characters and meta descriptions of at least 155 characters.

  • You should include H1, H2, and H3 tags in your article.

  • At the end of the post, include a summary of the essential points or takeaways.

  • Author bio with a headshot and social media links should be included.

  • Include at least one link to an article on StrangeBeginnings.com related to your topic.

  • To keep your readers’ attention, conclude at the end of your article.

What Do We Publish?

Please give us your tips, how-to articles, case studies, and trends if you’re an expert in digital marketing.

Internet marketing experts are in high demand, and every organization requires this sort of information and knowledge.

Please feel free to provide your thoughts on any of the following issues, especially if you are an industry expert with relevant expertise and a strong online presence.

You may include an introduction with an image that you’ve created.

Author Bio

  • Full name of the author.

  • Short Description (200 characters).

  • Links to your social media accounts.

  • 230px x 230px of your photo (.jpg or .png).

What we don’t allow in:

  • We don’t accept articles that are difficult to read or have a lot of mistakes.

  • Articles of no interest to the intended audience.

  • A recent article/s is not acceptable for submission to us.

  • The article has not had enough sources of information.

  • For us, we do not accept stories that have been published on other websites or social media.

Although our answer may be a little delayed owing to the volume of requests we receive for guest blogs, we always react swiftly or immediately. 

Provide high-quality content that is well-structured and unique.

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